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The exclusive private collection of real estate is for property buyers and investors with absolute discretion and privacy. Our collection includes the best Greek properties which are selected, evaluated, and undertaken for sale by the FTA, combining excellent features with excellent locations. 


The properties belonging to this collection are out of the market and can be notified to the interested party only by an FTA representative. Property details are not widely available and will not appear on public home search sites. 


Real estate owners wanting to keep them away from the market and unnecessary access due to their unique value and having a long-term relationship with our office and its people, we present them only after contacting our office and specific procedures. If you are a prospective buyer interested in unique plots, houses, buildings, hotels, or industrial properties in Greece, you can access our collection.


Once you have registered (if you are not already a customer, you will need to make a short authentication) we will inform you about the properties of our collection, out of the market using a communication channel of your choice.




The categories of properties that belong to the Private Collection are:


  • Historic Buildings / Houses

  • Hotels

  • Industrial buildings

  • Islands

  • Land Plots

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