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Off-market Real Estate re-shapes the industry. 

Acquiring off-market properties creates less competition for the investor & a more reliable sales process for the seller.

  • Unique opportunities in prime locations 

  • Smooth negotiations 

  • Adjustable transaction times 

  • Preserve privacy & confidentiality

  • Facilitate the sale faster

  • Keep your property out of the spotlight 

FTA Firm was founded based on the experience of insights and expertise. Each project is treated by confidentiality, examination of the documents that come with it, and regardless of its scale, we use proper means and methods to handle them.  


 A team of Real Estate Professionals & Engineers in New York & Athens & Geneva dedicated to excellence in the build and non-build environment as relentless advocates having access to the most iconic properties at prime locations. 


Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Industrial Buildings 



Agricultural Properties

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